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Hi. So I figured I would start writing in my blog today. Lots has been going on lately, so I have some stuff worth talking about.

First off, tomorrow is Halloween. I believe I am going as a robot. I am going to go scavenge for cardboard and build myself an amazing costume. My friend James is joining in with the idea as well. Tomorrow we are going to a show at Kilroys. Rosesdead and A Textbook Tragedy are playing. Its going to be sweet to bro down tomorrow and check out some sweet costumes and good music. I am going to bring a camera and snap some shots. Our costumes are going to be ill. I am pretty sure we are going to have built in beer holders.

Secondly, I need some new shoes. If someone knows where I could get a tight pair of Dunks in town, let me know. I haven’t looked around yet.. but I would rather just know where they are sold so I can hit it up. If anyone is wicked sweet enough to find some for me.. I want these in a 12:

SB Dunks

On another totally different subject… you gotta check this dude out. This is so inspiring. I cant believe he can pull this stuff off. I wouldn’t even think of trying this…. well maybe… if anyone can hook me up with some wheels of this sort I will try something… It will probably look similar to the first few seconds of this clip.

I think I am off to go swimming at my friends Hotel.. he’s in for the week and I should probably take full advantage of him being here (non-gay) and get down. After that I believe I am going to pull together a sick Cardboard Robot costume for Halloween. I hope to see lots of people there. I may have to hit up Nightmare on Gore St. as well tomorrow evening.. it only happens once a year… best holiday ever.

Get your ghoul on!



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