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So I had a long lazy day today with a super wicked sweet someone. I had to be up for 11am to make it to an ActionScript mid-term for 12. I barely made the bus and wasn’t feeling too well when I got to class. Thankfully, the test only ran about 30 minutes and afterwards I was able to come home and crawl back into bed. I pulled off a 70% on the test.

Last night was unreal. Rosesdead (music) played a great set. I always love the bro downs with those boys. Good people. I ended up trashing my costume two-stepping in the pit. A Textbook Tragedy played after Roses. Unbelievable performance. They are one of the tightest technical bands I have ever seen. I was in complete awe the entire set. They have a new singer since the last time I saw them play here too. The band has really upped their stage show by becoming a 5 piece. I was impressed forsure.

I got tonnes of positive feedback about the costume last night. The hours of getting something together as fast as possible paid off. I only managed to get one good picture of the costumes to show you. I couldn’t find a reliable camera to take out for the evening and no one else brought one either. No big deal though. We got some good looks forsure. Check ’em.


We pulled it off forsure. Next year we will plan more ahead so we can think of something amazing. I think ours were the most creative at the show though. We did put a considerable amount of effort into them.

Time for this kid to catch some sleep. I have class at 8am tomorrow. Its always rough waking up that early. I am glad I only have to do it two times a week. Anyways, I hope you all had fun last night doing whatever you did. I know I had a great night. I would love to hear all about yours as well. Let me know what went down.

Night children,




    • salty
    • Posted November 3, 2006 at 8:44 am
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    hey man those are sweet fuckin costumes! can’t say my night was as exciting but this halloween wasn’t exacly about my this time around ya know? fun dressin Kyra as a skunk though

  1. I LIKE this blog! A little more personal, which is refreshing. The costume is great, much more thought went into yours than mine thats for sure. Don’t forget Ferris’ gai assign on Monday! wa wa wa.

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