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Ahh Monday… isn’t it wonderful? Today is my long day at school. I am here from 8am until 5pm.. I have one 2 hour break at 11 which I have to stick around the school for because it would be pointless to go home and come back. I usually just spend my breaks watching television episodes that I missed the previous evening.

I have started to set some deadlines in a couple projects I have been starting on. Most important being something I am starting up with a few friends. I can’t really spit it all out right now. I will have more information for you as it progresses. I am shooting for January 1st, 2007… so, look out. Big things are coming. Hopefully.

Speaking of big things… Friends and local stunt crew SPDST have released the first of a series of webisodes on Have you ever been at a party and came up with a stupid idea or saw someone do something completely ridiculous and wish it could have been caught on film for the world to see. These are the guys with the stupid ideas and the cameras and crew to back them up. SPDST have been around for a few years and have just recently started to blow up in the media. They have been getting recognition from some large names with requests for exclusive footage from the crew. They have just released their second DVD titled “Unstoppable” which can be bought here on their site. These guys break themselves strictly for your entertainment. Here is the first webisode for you all to watch. Get into it! (add them up.)

I believe tonight, I am going to go have a few drinks with my friend who is in town until tomorrow. We haven’t had a chance to really hang out yet since hes been in town. Hopefully tonight will make up for it. Or else, I am going to have to save some coin to get out to Edmonton to visit. We are forsure going to chill for a bit no matter what though. It is definitely on the agenda.  I better get cracking on some homework so I am not too behind tomorrow cause I don’t think I am going to get much sleep later. We’ll see…


Till next tine,




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