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Today seems like it is going to be the longest day ever. School from 12 – 3, work from 5 – 8 (hopefully), and then across town to Jacks to check out IllScarlett (music). I have guestlist +1 and I really hope I can make it out. It seems like it would be a pretty fun set to watch.

I started up a Facebook account yesterday. If anyone has Facebook you should add my profile. I have found lots of people that I haven’t seen or heard of in years. Its a great tool to keep in contact with old friends and schoolmates. Its definitely a more professional approach to an online profile. I was kind of skeptical about signigng up to another social website. This one is far more mature than most social networking sites.

My video today is a clip about a new extreme urban fad called “Train Surfing“. It is a very dangerous stunt which involves clinging yourself to the side of a moving train and jumping off before the train starts to pick up speed or hanging on until the next stop when the train begins to come to a stop. This trend is very popular in Europe and certain parts of Africa. I repeat again… this stuff is very dangerous. This clip here features a well known train surfer from Germany that goes by the alias “The Trainrider”. Here, he rides the fastest train in Germany called ICE which reaches speeds up to 330km/h. No one has ever attemped this before. One year after this was recorded, The Trainrider passed away from lukemia. I am sure his legend will live on in the mind of any extreme stunt junkie. RIP.

There is also an 8 minute news documentary on Train Surfing here.

And thats the news for today. Keep on checking back and leave me some sweet comments so I know I am not just writing to the internet Gods.

Peace Thugs,





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    • salty
    • Posted November 9, 2006 at 7:22 am
    • Permalink

    thats fuckin crazy but looks fun as hell though did ya end up goin to jacks? by the way who the fuck are the internet gods?

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