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Hello world. Long time no talk. I will cut to the chase of whatever I may have to say here… which isn’t much. I didn’t pre-plan this.


I got some new kicks the other day. They are tiiight.

Check ’em.


DVS Taylor Sect Signature Series Shoe

In other news…

SCHOOL… dun dun dun. Back to the grind. Time to bust out some dirty assignments.

Semester 4: Day 1


I had to wake up at 6:45am to be in time for my 8am class. I got there early, coffee in hand and prepared for the 3 hour ice breaker. My first upset of the day was that the teacher we had wasn’t the teacher we were supposed to have. Apparently, our other teacher was reassigned to some other classes, so he had someone else take the job. No big deal though, he seems like a good guy with a strong background in what he does. ‘Media Communications’ is the class if you were wondering… He made a good first impression and I am kind of looking forward to see how this class goes.

My second upset came when our teacher let us go at 8:35… Next class in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Rough… so.. off to the XPS lab to watch some TV eps. thanks to my 1337 Portable Apps rig.

I also hit up the ‘Winter Carnival’ in the student lounge. They had free pogos and snow cones. I hip up two of each. They had games like minnow racing, root beer chug, baloon pop, pudding drop and a few others for various prizes. It was pretty fun to watch. It kept me awake until my next class though.

That class was ‘OpenSource Apps’… Great class, great teacher. Its basically working with different OpenSource applications to achieve different goals in multimedia. It should be an interesting class. I will get to add some more to my USB drive as well.

We got off a little early from class and I went home to play some Wii. I signed up for a few Mii swapping sites and checked out some new Wii optimized links for the Opera browser.

If you are interested in checking out some cool hacks / mods for the Wii go to LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks. It is a very informative site with lots of links and information to various Nintendo Wii related sites.

Anyways. Thats enough from me for now. I am going to get a head start on some school work. You will hear lots more from me Internet.

Before I go though check out this future Wii title. Its called ‘Sadness’… I will talk about this further in depth in a future post but I am far too excited about it to save the video until then. So here you go.

Till next time,


Peace out for now.


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