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Hello world. Long time no talk. I will cut to the chase of whatever I may have to say here… which isn’t much. I didn’t pre-plan this.


I got some new kicks the other day. They are tiiight.

Check ’em.


DVS Taylor Sect Signature Series Shoe

In other news…

SCHOOL… dun dun dun. Back to the grind. Time to bust out some dirty assignments.

Semester 4: Day 1


I had to wake up at 6:45am to be in time for my 8am class. I got there early, coffee in hand and prepared for the 3 hour ice breaker. My first upset of the day was that the teacher we had wasn’t the teacher we were supposed to have. Apparently, our other teacher was reassigned to some other classes, so he had someone else take the job. No big deal though, he seems like a good guy with a strong background in what he does. ‘Media Communications’ is the class if you were wondering… He made a good first impression and I am kind of looking forward to see how this class goes.

My second upset came when our teacher let us go at 8:35… Next class in 3 hours and 25 minutes. Rough… so.. off to the XPS lab to watch some TV eps. thanks to my 1337 Portable Apps rig.

I also hit up the ‘Winter Carnival’ in the student lounge. They had free pogos and snow cones. I hip up two of each. They had games like minnow racing, root beer chug, baloon pop, pudding drop and a few others for various prizes. It was pretty fun to watch. It kept me awake until my next class though.

That class was ‘OpenSource Apps’… Great class, great teacher. Its basically working with different OpenSource applications to achieve different goals in multimedia. It should be an interesting class. I will get to add some more to my USB drive as well.

We got off a little early from class and I went home to play some Wii. I signed up for a few Mii swapping sites and checked out some new Wii optimized links for the Opera browser.

If you are interested in checking out some cool hacks / mods for the Wii go to LiquidIce’s Nintendo Wii Hacks. It is a very informative site with lots of links and information to various Nintendo Wii related sites.

Anyways. Thats enough from me for now. I am going to get a head start on some school work. You will hear lots more from me Internet.

Before I go though check out this future Wii title. Its called ‘Sadness’… I will talk about this further in depth in a future post but I am far too excited about it to save the video until then. So here you go.

Till next time,


Peace out for now.

Today seems like it is going to be the longest day ever. School from 12 – 3, work from 5 – 8 (hopefully), and then across town to Jacks to check out IllScarlett (music). I have guestlist +1 and I really hope I can make it out. It seems like it would be a pretty fun set to watch.

I started up a Facebook account yesterday. If anyone has Facebook you should add my profile. I have found lots of people that I haven’t seen or heard of in years. Its a great tool to keep in contact with old friends and schoolmates. Its definitely a more professional approach to an online profile. I was kind of skeptical about signigng up to another social website. This one is far more mature than most social networking sites.

My video today is a clip about a new extreme urban fad called “Train Surfing“. It is a very dangerous stunt which involves clinging yourself to the side of a moving train and jumping off before the train starts to pick up speed or hanging on until the next stop when the train begins to come to a stop. This trend is very popular in Europe and certain parts of Africa. I repeat again… this stuff is very dangerous. This clip here features a well known train surfer from Germany that goes by the alias “The Trainrider”. Here, he rides the fastest train in Germany called ICE which reaches speeds up to 330km/h. No one has ever attemped this before. One year after this was recorded, The Trainrider passed away from lukemia. I am sure his legend will live on in the mind of any extreme stunt junkie. RIP.

There is also an 8 minute news documentary on Train Surfing here.

And thats the news for today. Keep on checking back and leave me some sweet comments so I know I am not just writing to the internet Gods.

Peace Thugs,




Ahh Monday… isn’t it wonderful? Today is my long day at school. I am here from 8am until 5pm.. I have one 2 hour break at 11 which I have to stick around the school for because it would be pointless to go home and come back. I usually just spend my breaks watching television episodes that I missed the previous evening.

I have started to set some deadlines in a couple projects I have been starting on. Most important being something I am starting up with a few friends. I can’t really spit it all out right now. I will have more information for you as it progresses. I am shooting for January 1st, 2007… so, look out. Big things are coming. Hopefully.

Speaking of big things… Friends and local stunt crew SPDST have released the first of a series of webisodes on Have you ever been at a party and came up with a stupid idea or saw someone do something completely ridiculous and wish it could have been caught on film for the world to see. These are the guys with the stupid ideas and the cameras and crew to back them up. SPDST have been around for a few years and have just recently started to blow up in the media. They have been getting recognition from some large names with requests for exclusive footage from the crew. They have just released their second DVD titled “Unstoppable” which can be bought here on their site. These guys break themselves strictly for your entertainment. Here is the first webisode for you all to watch. Get into it! (add them up.)

I believe tonight, I am going to go have a few drinks with my friend who is in town until tomorrow. We haven’t had a chance to really hang out yet since hes been in town. Hopefully tonight will make up for it. Or else, I am going to have to save some coin to get out to Edmonton to visit. We are forsure going to chill for a bit no matter what though. It is definitely on the agenda.  I better get cracking on some homework so I am not too behind tomorrow cause I don’t think I am going to get much sleep later. We’ll see…


Till next tine,



I kind of got lazy and skipped a few days of blogging. I have been really busy busting my ass to get some school work done in time. I need all the spare time I can get. I still have so many things I need to get done… and a lot more I need to get started with besides school stuff. Lots of projects that need to be on the go.

I went to see Saw 3 tonight.. I thought it was a pretty good follow up to the second. The gore was pretty intense. The place was packed too. It left room for a 4th movie… I really don’t see how they can play out an entire movie of it.. but they have done a good job with the plots so far.

I will leave you with a classic. This is probably one of my favorite videos ever.



So I had a long lazy day today with a super wicked sweet someone. I had to be up for 11am to make it to an ActionScript mid-term for 12. I barely made the bus and wasn’t feeling too well when I got to class. Thankfully, the test only ran about 30 minutes and afterwards I was able to come home and crawl back into bed. I pulled off a 70% on the test.

Last night was unreal. Rosesdead (music) played a great set. I always love the bro downs with those boys. Good people. I ended up trashing my costume two-stepping in the pit. A Textbook Tragedy played after Roses. Unbelievable performance. They are one of the tightest technical bands I have ever seen. I was in complete awe the entire set. They have a new singer since the last time I saw them play here too. The band has really upped their stage show by becoming a 5 piece. I was impressed forsure.

I got tonnes of positive feedback about the costume last night. The hours of getting something together as fast as possible paid off. I only managed to get one good picture of the costumes to show you. I couldn’t find a reliable camera to take out for the evening and no one else brought one either. No big deal though. We got some good looks forsure. Check ’em.


We pulled it off forsure. Next year we will plan more ahead so we can think of something amazing. I think ours were the most creative at the show though. We did put a considerable amount of effort into them.

Time for this kid to catch some sleep. I have class at 8am tomorrow. Its always rough waking up that early. I am glad I only have to do it two times a week. Anyways, I hope you all had fun last night doing whatever you did. I know I had a great night. I would love to hear all about yours as well. Let me know what went down.

Night children,


Happy Halloween all!!!

I hope you are all going out to have some fun this evening… or at least eat lots of junk food. I am sitting in class right now being anxious because I still have to go make my costume. I had a little too many to carry out my operation… so 3:00 today I am going to collect my materials and build myself a wicked sweet robot get-up.

I have quite a bit to get done today.. so I should probably keep this short. I will leave you with a short flick to tie you over for the evening… When you are out tonight.. look out for THEM!!!

Halloween… get the HELL into it!


Hi. So I figured I would start writing in my blog today. Lots has been going on lately, so I have some stuff worth talking about.

First off, tomorrow is Halloween. I believe I am going as a robot. I am going to go scavenge for cardboard and build myself an amazing costume. My friend James is joining in with the idea as well. Tomorrow we are going to a show at Kilroys. Rosesdead and A Textbook Tragedy are playing. Its going to be sweet to bro down tomorrow and check out some sweet costumes and good music. I am going to bring a camera and snap some shots. Our costumes are going to be ill. I am pretty sure we are going to have built in beer holders.

Secondly, I need some new shoes. If someone knows where I could get a tight pair of Dunks in town, let me know. I haven’t looked around yet.. but I would rather just know where they are sold so I can hit it up. If anyone is wicked sweet enough to find some for me.. I want these in a 12:

SB Dunks

On another totally different subject… you gotta check this dude out. This is so inspiring. I cant believe he can pull this stuff off. I wouldn’t even think of trying this…. well maybe… if anyone can hook me up with some wheels of this sort I will try something… It will probably look similar to the first few seconds of this clip.

I think I am off to go swimming at my friends Hotel.. he’s in for the week and I should probably take full advantage of him being here (non-gay) and get down. After that I believe I am going to pull together a sick Cardboard Robot costume for Halloween. I hope to see lots of people there. I may have to hit up Nightmare on Gore St. as well tomorrow evening.. it only happens once a year… best holiday ever.

Get your ghoul on!